Cryptocurrency Startup News: August

Action remains hot across digital asset startups as the total cryptocurrency market cap just put in its first $2 trillion weekly close since May. This return signals a bullish sentiment that could translate to continued interest in crypto startups, with more money to spend than places to spend it. MobileCoin Pulls $66 Million Binance-backed MobileCoin… Continue reading Cryptocurrency Startup News: August

Save Dollar-Cost Averaging for the Bear Market

People talk about dollar-cost-averaging (periodically and routinely putting capital into an investment) it’s some magical and perfect strategy. I’ll probably get crucified for this, but DCAing is not what we should be showing to new investors. I’ve always had my doubts about the approach. Obviously, a lot of us invest whenever we get a paycheck… Continue reading Save Dollar-Cost Averaging for the Bear Market

How to Steal $600,000,000

(This is a two-minute read) The biggest crypto news of the last weeks? A $612 million hack of Poly Network, a decentralized finance platform that allows different blockchains to interact with each other. The application lets users deposit (lock up using a smart contract) an asset on one blockchain to simultaneously use those funds freely on… Continue reading How to Steal $600,000,000

The $200 Million Cryptocurrency Employee

(This is a five-minute read) The cryptocurrency industry is unprecedently good at creating value. Like, orders of magnitude better at making money than other industries.  Most crypto investors intrinsically understand that blockchains are one of the most effective examples of leverage. Bitcoin Core (the program on which bitcoin is based) started out at just 3000… Continue reading The $200 Million Cryptocurrency Employee

Crypto Legislation: Everything You Need to Know (for Now)

(This is a four-minute read) Don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of the crypto legislation winding its way through D.C. right now—I spent my whole weekend keeping track of it and barely kept my head around it myself. Here’s everything you need to know: The Infrastructure Bill Crypto stakeholders and… Continue reading Crypto Legislation: Everything You Need to Know (for Now)