What Does a Crypto Market Bottom Look Like?

Given nasty, horrible market conditions, today’s newsletter will discuss the exact opposite of euphoria: the crypto bottom. While crypto markets today are depressed for a lot of reasons, we’re not going to be discussing exactly why crypto is down, instead focusing on what a future bottoming out of markets might look or feel like. We’ll also take a… Continue reading What Does a Crypto Market Bottom Look Like?

Crypto’s Dirty Secret

(This is a four-minute read) Inflation is the core mechanic in a bear market. Even though crypto has onboarded millions as refugee asset from inflationary money-printing regimes, crypto’s dirty secret is that the entire industry is based on inflation–the steady release of new tokens on the market to incentivize growth. While Bitcoin is advertised as… Continue reading Crypto’s Dirty Secret

Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know

“The Merge,” Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) is coming soon with a launch in Q2 of 2022. While other protocols and products in cryptocurrency have been able to iterate and come out with new exciting features quickly, Ethereum has been steadfast and deliberate in its slow progress towards a sustainable and scalable… Continue reading Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know

NFTs for NFT Skeptics

At Crypto Pragmatist, we’re still pretty NFT-skeptical. Although there’s obviously value in having some type of immutable record of digital ownership, the current paradigm of fluffy cats and Bored Ape Yacht Club profile pics doesn’t seem to be particularly revolutionary, although we can’t really knock the artwork or the speculators who’ve made money off the… Continue reading NFTs for NFT Skeptics

An Update on the Solidly Wars

AN UPDATE ON THE SOLIDLY WARS. Featuring ve(3,3), $SOLID, @AndreCronjeTech, and more. If you’re not caught up already, the thread below is a basic (but outdated) primer on Solidly, originally known as ve(3,3): So how have the Solidly Wars played out? The below table is what I used to inform my trading strategy. It shows… Continue reading An Update on the Solidly Wars

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Regulation

Regulation is one of the biggest question marks facing cryptocurrency. Complex, opaque, and oftentimes non-existent, regulation is frustrating for consumers, crypto entrepreneurs, and even lawmakers themselves. Globally, we see regulatory landscapes differ dramatically. In general, the European Union has extremely favorable tax laws for both crypto businesses and crypto trading, making it a paradise for… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Regulation

Following Smart Money with Whale Wallets

What is a Whale Wallet? To invest successfully in crypto, you must understand whale wallets. These mysterious and anonymous market participants affect decentralized economies in massive ways. Quietly floating through crypto markets, they are infrequently observed, but have a massive impact on these digital ecosystems. Whales are loosely defined as anyone with a ‘large’ amount… Continue reading Following Smart Money with Whale Wallets

Crypto Bulls vs. Crypto Bears

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. While some smaller cryptos are firing on all cylinders (especially the Fantom ecosystem, Crypto Pragmatist Pro subscribers caught it first), we have to continue to think about where we sit on a larger time frame. The following chart displays the state of the market pretty… Continue reading Crypto Bulls vs. Crypto Bears