Andrew Tate’s $DADDY Token

Insider Trades and Manipulation

Recently, we’ve witnessed an increasing presence of Andrew Tate, along with his brother, Tristan, on Crypto Twitter/X. In just a few days, he’s shared and promoted numerous meme coins such as $RNT, $GERMANY, and $DADDY. Often, when a celebrity promotes meme coins, they try their best to hide their financial motives.

Our investigative team soon found concerning patterns in the token supply of $DADDY. We shared our findings on June 12 through the below tweet

Andrew Tate quickly blocked us after we shared our investigative thread on X. The token we focused on was “Daddy Tate CTO”. 40% of the supply was airdropped to Andrew Tate’s public wallet. During a Rumble livestream, he promised never to sell these tokens and to burn them once his wallet, containing 40% of the supply, reaches $100,000,000.

So far, Tate has kept his word and has not sold any of the tokens he received on his public wallet, 4jRX4i. Additionally, he bought $10,000 into this token using a public wallet, which he subsequently burned.

On the day of the burn, he released another video claiming the tokens were now worth $150,000,000. He used phrases such as: “Daddy coin is forever,” “All of this is possible with pain and suffering,” and “I’m ending the ‘SIMPiness’ of the crypto space and showing everyone what a man is; the best way to do that is to burn all this money.”

Unfortunately, the bubbles were telling another story on the map…

We discovered that 11 wallets were funded through Binance and bought significant amounts of $DADDY supply at a convenient time — just before Daddy TATE CTO, or Andrew Tate, tweeted about it. Not only did these wallets buy at the same time and from the same exchange, but they have also bought for similar amounts. This pattern strongly suggests that they are controlled by the same person

Additionally, two clusters in the image below (pink) collectively hold 10% of the supply. They also bought before Andrew Tate tweeted, and currently hold tokens worth approximately $16M

The official dev of Daddy Tate CTO, known by the nickname "Issathecooker," appeared on X at the start of May 2024. He launched $DADDY on June 9, and when confronted in one of our tweets, denied having sold any tokens.

We estimate that he has made over $400k by selling $DADDY. For full transparency, we've shared the links to these transactions on X.

On June 14th, Andrew Tate announced buying and burning another $110,000,000 worth of $DADDY. The actual liquidity of $DADDY is around $2,500,000.

This event serves as a reminder to stay informed, vigilant, and to verify the info you’re provided. Always keep an eye on suspicious patterns, projects like these can collapse very quickly as we’ve seen with many recent celebrity launches like $DAVIDO, $BANDO, $LILPUMP, $SPEAK, and many more.

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