Biden Creeps Upon Bitcoin Miners🐽

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes🚨: 23rd April

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In today’s Alpha Bytes,

President Biden urges Congress to target the American Bitcoin mining industry, following China's regulatory example.

Meanwhile, North Korea's Lazarus Group has exploited private key vulnerabilities, accounting for over 70% of the stolen cryptocurrency since 2020, totaling approximately $1.69 billion.

BTC $66,801 (+0.6%), ETH $3239 (+1.2%), SOL $157 (+1.7%)

Crypto News 📰

  • Biden is asking Congress to kill the Bitcoin mining industry 

  • Lazarus Groups’ favorite exploit revealed

  • Philippines SEC to ban Binance app store from Google and Apple stores

  • X Payments details released: App could become like your bank account

  • US stocks rally on the first trading day following Bitcoin halving 

  • Crypto prices see an uptick post-halving 

  • Venezuela looks to crypto as sanctions return 

  • A new secure, simplified digital wallet has hit the market 

  • Fidelity revises medium-term outlook for BTC

  • Bitcoin Bollinger Bands hit level that saw Bitcoin price squeeze past $50,000

  • PayPal proposes crypto economic rewards for sustainable Bitcoin miners 

  • Hong Kong recommends city’s crypto industry self-regulate 

  • Bitfinex estimates post-halving demand for Bitcoin to be 5x greater than supply 

  • Wallets linked to Coinbase and Vitalik Buterin have millions stuck in bridge contracts 

  • Scammers eye Toncoin as Telegram-TON partnership hits headlines 

  • Binance sued for securities law violations

  • Transaction fees crash post the halving 

  • Binance Labs-backed Velvet Capital forced offline to prevent phishing attack 

  • Crypto investment products see outflows for second consecutive week  

  • Bitcoin miners spreading sales dull post halving price drop

  • DeFi whales have millions in forgotten bridge contracts: Arkham

  • Bitcoin halving could drive action to Layer 2s

  • GameFi airdrops are here to stay but won’t save bad games 

  • Hut8 self mining plans make it competitive following halving 

  • Crypto miners face energy refusal, restriction in Canadian provinces

  • SEC seeks $5.3 billion judgment against Do Kwon 

  • SEC lawyers resign after gross abuse of power in crypto case 

  • Crypto users fooled by fake Elizabeth Warren letter 

  • Stablecoin, and retail CBDC sandboxes are on South African payments roadmap 

  • Lava Network founder discusses RPC protocol and current challenges 

  • Janet Yellen’s buy Bitcoin note hits $140k in online auction 

  • Binance loses 20% of Bitcoin market share as offshore market share contracts 

  • Riot’s price jumps 23% after bullish forecast 

  • Trader loses OVER $180k in ANDY, USDC to phishing attack 

  • Nvidia, defense sector stocks outperform Bitcoin in post-covid era

  • How to invest in Bitcoin without buying it 

  • Will Norway’s new crypto regulations drive miners away?

  • Akash Network surges 48% following Upbit listing 

  • Standard Chartered doubles down on Bitcoin prediction 

  • Bitcoin gas fees drop 10x following halving 

  • Mt. Gox creditors reveal payment update 

  • Woo X launches Real World Assets on Woo Earn 

  • FTX to auction next lot of Solana tokens 

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Project Updates 🔥👷🏼‍♂️


  • Shiba Inu raises $12 million in token round for new blockchain 

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