Bitcoin breaks $67k barrier: What's driving the surge?

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes: 20th May

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Bitcoin surged past the $67,000 mark over the weekend, hitting this level for the first time in almost a month. The recent price bump is mainly thanks to the hype around spot Bitcoin ETFs and a bit of relief on the US inflation front. It's not just Bitcoin that's riding the wave – Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), and Chainlink (LINK) are also seeing some solid gains.

BTC $67,020 (+0.28%), ETH $3,089 (+0.37%), SOL $177.48 (+5.05%)

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Crypto News 

  • Gamestop files to sell up to $45 million worth of shares.

  • OpenAI announces partnership with Reddit 

  • Kraken is actively reviewing @Tether_To’s status under new EU rules 

  • Genesis gets approval to repay creditors billions 

  • Dolce & Gabbana NFT loses 97% value, brand sued 

  • @drakefjustin discloses EigenFoundation advisory information 

  • The @pumpdotfun exploiter has been arrested by law enforcement 

  • 60 crypto firms pitch support for large market structure bill ahead of next week’s vote 

  • Crypto industry donors have poured over $94 million into federal political committees since 2023 

  • Resurgent crypto prices must not overshadow the lessons of FTX 

  • Venture Capital funding in crypto rises to $2.4 billion 

  • Bitcoin in bear zone as whales take a step back 

  • Binance-backed Bitcoin restaking startup BounceBit unveils roadmap 

  • Linux investor says he does not believe in crypto 

  • Analysts consider possible short squeeze ahead of spot Ethereum ETF deadline 

  • Imaginary Ones and HUGO launch Web3-enabled customizable denim jacket 

  • Bitmain-backed cloud mining company BitFuFu’s revenue up by 1590% in Q1 

  • DOJ charges two Chinese nationals in $73 million crypto scam 

  • Dragonfly Capital managing partner challenges VC token dumping theories 

  • Ripple advocates for quantum-resistant cryptography following expert warning 

  • Venezuela cracks down on crypto mining to tackle growing energy crisis 

  • AntPool mines 7 consecutive blocks, centralization trend continues 

  • Tornado Cash verdict has chilling implications for the crypto industry 

  • Captain Tsubasa NFT soccer game debuts on Oasys blockchain 

  • Ethereum devs’ paid EigenLayer role sparks debate regarding conflicted incentives 

  • DeFi Technologies CEO on the industry’s first Bitcoin yield-bearing ETP 

  • Crypto Security: EQIFI to refine on-chain safety with MatterFi 

  • Stake DAO’s sdYFI platform fee switch has been activated 



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