ETH might pump to $4.5k. Wen $10K tho?

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes ūüö® 27th May

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The cryptocurrency market remained relatively stable over the weekend.  Bitcoin's barely budged in the last 24 hours, just a tiny dip. Ethereum's hanging tight around $3900. But get this, Arthur Cheong from DeFiance Capital is saying ETH might pump to $4500 before those spot Ethereum ETFs drop. Wen $10,000 ETH tho?

BTC $68,426 (-0.82%), ETH $3,900(+2.45%), SOL $167.26 (+2.48%)

Crypto News ūüďį¬†

  • Donald Trump vows to free Ross Ulbricht, stop CBDCs, and support self custody in speech to Libertarian convention¬†

  • ETH Foundation aware and working on policy to address credible neutrality problem¬†

  • Spot ETH ETFs likely to begin trading by July/August¬†

  • DTCC lists BlackRock‚Äôs spot Ethereum ETF with $ETHA ticker¬†

  • Court rejects Do Kwon extradition order to South Korea¬†

  • SEC ETH approval still leaves questions on whether ETH is a security¬†

  • Uniswap Foundation announces $UNI token holders interested in voting on the fee switch must have their token delegated before Friday, 31st May, to be eligible¬†

  • Experts say Peer-to-Peer nature of crypto activity renders China‚Äôs ban ineffective¬†

  • Wave of crypto influencers and celeb X accounts hacked¬†

  • 60% of US crypto investors don‚Äôt understand blockchain technology¬†

  • Deadline looms for Biden to veto Congressional overturn of SEC‚Äôs crypto rules¬†

  • TON blockchain‚Äôs TVL crosses $300 million¬†

  • JasmyCoin emerges as top gainer amid increased whale activity¬†

  • Bitcoin whitepaper returns to after Craig White fails to prove he is Nakamoto¬†

  • Chainge receives $13 million investment to enhance cross-chain trading¬†

  • Strike CEO sees Bitcoin at $1M ‚ÄúIts early in the story‚ÄĚ

  • ETH team lead says most clients ‚Äúvery aggressively‚ÄĚ delete old data¬†

  • Hong Kong to reportedly test retail digital currency for mortgage pricing¬†

  • Are traders still making millions on meme coins?

  • Crypto trader GCR alleges bribe at X led to account hack¬†

  • Litecoin eyes $90 mark¬†

  • New York AG Letitia James reaffirms strict stance against crypto¬†

  • ‚ÄėCryptoQueen‚Äô accomplice sentenced to six years for Bitcoin money laundering scheme¬†

  • Aptos hits all-time high in user transactions¬†

  • ETH price could hit $4.5K before ETF: DeFiance Capital Founder¬†

  • Argentina aims to learn from El Salvador‚Äôs Bitcoin success¬†

  • EU Commission urged to prepare for blockchain and AI integration¬†

Project Updates¬†ūüĒ•

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Launches ūüöÄ

Fundraise ūüíį

  • Plume Network $10m raise by @HaunVentures¬†

  • @Mua_MuaDao $5m¬†

  • @Mantra_Chain (DeFi) $TBD Investment from @LaserDigital¬†

  • @ivx_fi $1.2m seed led by Animoca Ventures¬†

  • @cysic_xyz $12m Pre-Series A led by @Hashkey_Capital and OKX Ventures¬†

  • @PlayAriaGame $TBD seed led by Folius Ventures, @TheSpartanGroup, @MeritCircle_io¬†

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