Exodus Tokenizes on Algorand for NYSE Debut, FTX's Fund Recovery, and MicroStrategy's Bitcoin HODL

M6 Labs Alpha Bytesūüö®: 8th May

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Exodus ($EXOD) takes a groundbreaking step as the first U.S. company to tokenize its stock with trading set to commence on NYSE American starting May 9th.

In a welcome development, FTX customers are on track to recover all funds lost in the platform's collapse.

Meanwhile, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy continues to make waves, holding an impressive 1% of all Bitcoin in circulation.

BTC $62,686 (-1.3%), ETH $3,025(-1.44%), SOL $145.56 (-3.6%)


Crypto News¬†ūüďį¬†

  • Exodus ($EXOD) will be tokenized on Algorand, set to trade on NYSE American from the 9th of May¬†

  • FTX customers are set to recover all funds lost in collapse¬†

  • Michael Saylor‚Äôs MicroStrategy holds 1% of all Bitcoins

  • SEC delays decision on proposed Invesco Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF¬†¬†

  • $130 billion asset manager Hightower Advisors discloses $68 million investment in spot Bitcoin ETFs

  • Crypto exchange Bitpanda to expand Austrian presence through partnership with Raiffeisen¬†

  • WBTC thief moves stolen $71 million across multiple crypto wallets¬†

  • Moonpay announces partnership with BitPay to simplify crypto transactions¬†

  • Indonesian regulator announces formation of crypto committee to monitor industry operations and compliance¬†

  • Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck sees Nasdaq listing completion in second, third quarters¬†

  • SEC calls Ripple‚Äôs proposed stablecoin an unregistered crypto asset¬†

  • Solana meme coin Catwifhat defies market trend with 40% surge¬†

  • Grayscale withdraws its Ethereum Futures ETF application¬†

  • Traders rush to short ETH following Grayscale ETF withdrawal

  • Solana could flip Ethereum in transaction fees within a week¬†

  • Nigerian stakeholders demand Binance reveal identity of bribe agent¬†

  • Susquehanna International Group adds $1 billion in Bitcoin ETFs to portfolio¬†

  • Ethereum team lead slams Farcaster over bot manipulation¬†

  • Imposters of Blockchain.com nabbed and jailed in $5 million crypto scam¬†

  • Chainalysis discovers sanctioned Russian developer is interacting with Garantex

  • Authorities crack down on Austria-based online crypto scam¬†

  • OpenSea trading volume plummets as ETH activity falls¬†

  • Binance releases 18th proof of reserve¬†

  • Poloniex hacker moves funds for the first time, leaves $182 million untouched

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Project Updates¬†ūüĒ•ūüĎ∑ūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

  • Lyra Finance tokenizing derivatives yield on EigenLayer¬†

  • Gm_dot_ai beta being rolled out¬†

  • LayerZero Labs shares their sybil analysis updates¬†

  • Bybit to integrate USDe as a collateral asset¬†

  • zkSync‚Äôs airdrop page suffers potential leak

  • Tabichain announces airdrop season 1 allocations¬†

  • Aveoxyz adds $AVAIL pre-launch¬†

  • Perpprotocol introduces Nekodex¬†

  • SilentDAO introduces its Ghost Layer, modular L1.5 on Ethereum¬†

  • Aftermath announces new incentives for Vaults¬†

  • Mode announces Season 2 and S1 details¬†

  • TopicaDAO testnet is now live¬†

  • OrangeLayer announces partnership with Flash Protocol¬†

  • LocalMonero shuts down as crypto privacy services dwindle¬†

  • QANplatform launches world‚Äôs first quantum-resistant, EVM-compatible testnet¬†

  • BlockDAG expands payment options amid ETH and ADA fluctuations¬†

  • Ethereum game Fantasy Top pays $1.25 million to Twitter influencers it turned into NFT cards¬†

  • Solana game MixMob: Racer 1 reveals iOS and Android launch date¬†

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Fundraise ūü§Ď

  • ProjectZKM raises $5 million in Pre-Series A¬†

  • Botanix Labs raises $8.5 million

  • Galaxis introduces featured investors Chainlink, Nick Johnson, Rarestone, Taisu Ventures, JohnnyZcash

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