Financial Markets Remain Stable Amid Political Debates and Tech Sector Controversies

M6 Labs Alpha Bytesūüö®: 10th May

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Financial markets are stable today (somewhat) without major events.

Background discussions include political debates between Trump and Biden.

In the tech and legal sectors, the founder of Eclipse faces allegations of sexual misconduct and DWF is under scrutiny, contributing to market unease.

BTC $60,969 (-1.0%), ETH $2,929(-2.0%), SOL $147.47 (+1.9%)

Crypto News¬†ūüďį¬†

  • Biden administration says president would veto legislation that would allow highly regulated financial firms to custody Bitcoin and Crypto¬†

  • Trump comes out in support of crypto, says he will stop hostility and embrace it

  • Binance x DWF Labs¬†

    • Binance surveillance team discovered DWF Labs engaged in market manipulation¬†

    • Binance fired head of surveillance after he flagged DWF market manipulation¬†

    • DWF Labs denies market manipulation allegations leveled by Binance¬†

    • Binance reportedly allowed market manipulation¬†

  • Potential vulnerability on Binance‚Äôs proof of reserves¬†

  • House of Representatives has passed a bill that overturns controversial SEC guidelines discouraging banks from custodying crypto¬†

  • Introducing the Starknet Seed Grant program¬†

  • Binance, KuCoin win registration with India‚Äôs Financial Intelligence Unit¬†

  • President Joe Biden is trying to kill crypto: Charles Hoskinson

  • Latam e-commerce giant Mercado Libre holds $40 million in crypto¬†¬†

  • Innovative crypto exchange features debut at Token2049

  • Robinhood crypto transaction revenue soars by 232%¬†

  • Misconduct allegations lead founder of Ethereum Layer2 chain Eclipse to step back

  • WisdomTree‚Äôs crypto business goes live in New York against shareholder wishes¬†

  • SEC does not want Ethereum to transform banking landscape, says Joseph Lubin

  • Altcoins will bottom in early summer before bull run: Analyst

  • Grayscale Bitcoin ETF nullifies $66.9 million inflows in two days¬†

  • ByBit to launch Notcoin trading and withdrawals next week¬†

  • Exodus CEO frustrated as SEC delays listing¬†

  • Experimental DAO with leadership-as-a-service strategy to launch during live event¬†

  • Sam Bankman-Fried maintains his innocence as he trades rice in jail¬†

  • Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will be worth at least a million by 2030¬†

  • Bitcoin Ordinals, Runes key to solving the mining subsidy problem¬†

  • Tether slams Deutsche Bank for suggesting its stablecoin could fail¬†

  • Coinbase sees infinite interoperability potential with Ethereum and USDC

  • The SEC has taken too expansive a view of crypto: Former commissioner¬†

  • TON gains 14% amid Pantera Capital‚Äôs ‚Äúlargest investment ever‚Äô claims

  • AI-powered Turbo meme coin sees 40% jump amid growing US trend¬†

  • SpaceCatch launches Season 2 airdrop, enhances its blockchain game¬†

  • BlockFi announces partnership with Coinbase to distribute assets recovered from FTX

  • Ripple joins DeRec Alliance asset recovery initiative¬†

  • Axelar to lead the charge in cross-chain interoperability growth¬†

  • Inco to enable developers to create Telegram mini-applications¬†

  • NEAR Protocol X account hack: Here‚Äôs what we know¬†

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  • NuLink (Blockchain service) raises $1.6 million in strategic round led by @DWFLabs, @PoolzVentures, and @ViabtcCapital¬†

  • @lagrangedev raises $13.2 million in round led by Founders Fund, Archetype, 1kx Network, Maven11 Capital, Volt Capital, and others¬†

  • Owlto Finance raises $8 million in round led by Bixin Ventures and CE Innovation Capital¬†

  • Ambient Network raises $2 million in round led by Borderless Capital¬†


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