How to Interact with Runes Protocol using Xverse Wallet

Road to Rune or Ruin? BTC's new token era.

Bitcoin is buzzing with the Runes Protocol protocol by Casey Rodarmor, aiming to revolutionize token creation on the platform. With its launch in April 2024, aligning with Bitcoin's halving, the big question looms:

Will Runes Protocol ruin Bitcoin's ecosystem?

Runes Protocol Unpacked

Runes Protocol seek to streamline Bitcoin's token creation, moving past the BRC-20 standard's hurdles. Utilizing Bitcoin's UTXO model, the protocol promises a more efficient, user-friendly experience without clogging the network.

RSIC: A glimpse into the future (𝛂)

The RSIC project merges Bitcoin NFTs with yield farming, creating a buzz with a significant airdrop. This initiative hints at the innovative possibilities Runes Protocol might unlock within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Bigger Picture:

Runes Protocol could broaden Bitcoin's appeal by supporting new token types like stablecoins and governance tokens, potentially boosting transaction efficiency and offering miners new revenue streams post-halving.

Eager to interact with the Rune protocol?

Let’s first get you a wallet that is easy to use! We recommend Xverse wallet.

Step 1: Download Xverse

Action: Visit the Xverse official website and locate the 'Download' button at the top right corner.
Note: Choose the appropriate version for your device—iOS on the App Store, Android on Google Play, or the Chrome extension for desktop use.

Step 2: Create a New Wallet

Action: Open the Xverse app or extension. You'll be greeted with the option to 'Create a new Wallet'. Please tap or click on it.
Privacy Note: Xverse, as a non-custodial wallet, does not require personal information. However, make sure to read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 3: Back Up Your Wallet

Important: Upon setup, Xverse will provide a 12-word secret recovery phrase. This is crucial for accessing your wallet if you switch devices or lose access.
Security Tip: Write down your recovery phrase on paper and store it in a secure location, away from potential digital threats.

Step 4: Choose a Security Mode

Options: Xverse offers security through either Biometric/PIN or a Password. Select the one that suits you best.
Advice: If choosing a password, ensure it's strong and unique to prevent unauthorized access.

Step 5: Fund Your Wallet

Action: To add Bitcoin to your wallet, navigate to the 'Buy' section and select "BTC". Xverse integrates with services like Moonpay and Transak, facilitating straightforward purchases.
Note: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase and the Bitcoin will be directly deposited into your Xverse wallet.

Step 6: Explore Marketplaces that use the protocol

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should choose Xverse!

  • Full Privacy & Control: It's non-custodial. You hold the keys, no KYC needed.

  • Multi-Layer Support: Works with Bitcoin, Stacks, Lightning, and Ordinals for expanded crypto activities

  • Open-Source Transparency: View Xverse's openly available code on GitHub for peace of mind.

  • Future-Ready: Features like CSV downloads for transaction tracking are on the horizon.

  • Simplified Tracking: Easily check your transactions using your Xverse addresses on recognized explorers.

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