LayerZero Announces Airdrop, AnimeCoin Launches 'Gacha Grab' with Azuki, A16z Invests $90M in $OP Tokens

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes🚨: 2nd May

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In today’s Alpha Bytes,

LayerZero Achieves Milestone: Completes First Airdrop Snapshot for Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol.

AnimeCoin & Azuki Launch 'Gacha Grab': AnimeCoin teams up with Azuki to introduce 'Gacha Grab,' blending NFTs with gacha mechanics for the anime gaming market.

Andreessen Horowitz Invests $90M in $OP Tokens: Andreessen Horowitz asserts its crypto dominance with a $90M purchase of $OP tokens, showing bullish confidence.

BTC $58,422 (+1.1%), ETH $2,975 (+1.1%), SOL $136.52 (+10.5%)

Crypto News 📰

  • LayerZero cross-chain interoperability protocol completes first airdrop snapshot

  • AnimeCoin launches Gacha Grab game with Azuki 

  • A16z makes $90 million private purchase of $OP 

  • Bitcoin forensic analysis uncovers money laundering clusters and criminal proceeds 

  • Crypto was one of the biggest money laundering risks in 2022-2023: UK Govt report 

  • Nigeria’s Patricia exchange CEO rubbishes closure rumors 

  • The seasonality of crypto assets returns 

  • FBI busts $43M crypto and Las Vegas hospitality Ponzi scheme 

  • Solana gains momentum following Solana-Bitcoin cross-chain announcement 

  • Binance Labs backs Movement Labs’ mission to bring Facebook’s move to Ethereum and beyond 

  • Asia crypto investing: Traders eye riches in Korea, Philippines and Hong Kong 

  • Investors in SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s favorite crypto project are the biggest losers, with only 7% of them in profit 

  • A vast new data set could supercharge the AI hunt for crypto money laundering 

  • Federal reserve holds policy steady

  • Bitfinex believes Bitcoin’s post halving price consolidation could last two months 

  • Jack Dorsey’s Block facing scrutiny from federal authorities over non-compliant crypto services 

  • Paradigm special counsel has left the crypto-focused VC firm 

  • Eminem’s new crypto ad fails to capture the moment 

  • Bitcoin dumps “bull market excess” as daily ETF outflows cross $500 million 

  • Meme coins: a betrayal of crypto’s ideals or its true purpose?

  • Bitcoin Layer-2s set to explode as Runes congest Bitcoin network

  • The reasons why the Bitcoin price is down 11% since the halving 

  • Extradition papers ready for Binance’s Anjarwalla, says Interpol Nigeria 

  • Three hints that the Bitcoin price is nearing a bottom 

  • Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs not enough to absorb US ETF selling pressure 

  • Indian enforcement agencies collaborate with Binance to bust scam app 

  • BlackRock Bitcoin ETF sees first outflow day amid record ETF bleed 

  • Bitcoin halving sees Bitfarms BTC mining earnings plummet 

  • Pike Finance clarifies USDC vulnerability statement on $1.6 million exploit 

  • Arkansas bill reining in crypto miners heads to governor for approval 

  • Synthetix founder Kain Warwick targets Mid-May launch for Infinex DEX

  • Bitcoin’s dominance has likely peaked as altcoins start to wake up 

  • DeFi lending giant Aave unveils v4 protocol overhaul 

  • Bitcoin’s 4% dip may panic short-term holders 

  • Backlash against Binance continues as 6th US state pulls license 

  • Bitcoin miner Riot platforms reports record $211M Q1 net income 

  • MicroStrategy to launch Bitcoin-based decentralized ID solution 

  • Jerome Powell’s pivot signals a boring summer for Bitcoin 

  • Proposed US tax bill won’t allow taxing block rewards at acquisition 

  • Ankr expands Bitcoin liquid staking tokens to AI blockchain 

  • PEPE registers 13% surge in 24 hours 

  • New US bill aims to eliminate double taxation on crypto staking rewards 

  • Miner capitulation looms if Bitcoin fails to recover significantly: CryptoQuant 

  • US sanctions crypto addresses tied to Russian drone developer 

  • Senator Lummis challenges DOJ’s stance on private crypto wallets 

  • Bernoulli is live on Scroll mainnet 

Project Updates🔥👷🏼‍♂️


  • Web3 wine marketplace Baxus raises $5 million from Multicoin Capital, Solana Ventures 

  • Securitize raises $47 million in strategic funding round led by BlackRock 

  • Imaginary Ones secures funding to expand Web3 entertainment ecosystem 

  • Agora Governance raises $5 million in seed round led by Haun Ventures 

  • Blade Games raises $2.4 million 

  • Backed raises $9.5 million 

  • LazyBear raises $4 million

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