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1️⃣ The Ethereum Scaling Conversation

@TheRollupCo covered the based boosted rollups ecosystem in alignment with where Ethereum can go in the space. 

Over the past 6-months, the layer-2 tug of war has heightened, but with alpha from @Taikoxyz (Ethereum equivalent to zk-evm), we might finally get to a solution.

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2️⃣ RWA’s Are A Gateway To Your Next 100x Play

For narratives to pick up in the market, they must make sense. As we saw the ETFs running the market up last week, tradfi is coming…and they’re coming fast. 

TradFi money must be facilitated somehow, and RWAs are the way forward.

It’s hard to find projects with so many launching but @0xAndrewMoh makes that straightforward.

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3️⃣ Airdrops Are Back & Better

@MoneyCryptBunny covers the zkSync airdrop, which is set to be one of the hottest in the market.

If you get this right, you could be on the end of turning your daily coffee into $10,000+

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4️⃣ Fragmented Liquidity Now Solved

@TheDeFiKenshin highlights why users and developers struggle with fragmented liquidity & provides the solution as to why blockchain needs to adopt the omni-chain mechanism.

Parallel Mainnet recently opened, and they’re a solution provider.

5️⃣ Staking Has Changed For The Better

Throughout 2023, we saw the emergence of liquid staking in the industry, which led to projects like LidoDAO taking charge. 

@Eli5_DeFi highlights a new iteration of restaking with the LPDfi narrative and Vector Reserve.

6️⃣ SAVM The New Golden Ticket?

Every week, another success story of someone making BANK hits the market.

This week, the highlight was the infamous $SAVM launch, which some people blind-sighted due to KOL investor activity, but worry no further; @dealerdefi follows up with the strategy to not be exit liquidity.

Check in with this week's research rundown for the latest alpha on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, reads on DePin & much more.

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