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Crypto Meta Unveiled: Points vs. Tokens Dominance!

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1️⃣ Points>Tokens?

The point mechanism has taken over crypto.

Weather protocols are rewarding points for on-chain or social activity, and they are the speculative value dominating the current meta.

@MoneyCrptBunny covers the top 18 projects currently offering points for airdrops!

2️⃣ Restaking With Gauntlet

Staking as a landscape has changed with the introduction of LSDFi & Liquid Staking.

While yields are peaking, understanding risks & tradeoffs with staking is VITAL.

@TheRollupCo joined up with Gauntlet to educate the community on the risks and rewards of restaking.

3️⃣ DeFi On Solana With Pyth

@Jake_Pahor covers the hottest developments in DeFi with Pyth.

Pyth Network is the largest first-party oracle network with 95+ data providers, 290+ dApp integrations + more!

4️⃣ Inscriptions On Metis

@MoneyCrptBunny covers the first inscription protocol on Metis, which recently launched!

5️⃣ The Future Of Decentralized Computing

Smart contracts facilitate much more than we think on blockchain ecosystems.

@Eli5_DeFi highlights the future of decentralized computing with Marlin Protocol.

6️⃣ Ethereum ETFs Next On The List?

With a busy week in the markets, @TheRRoundup takes a look at the $WEN token launch, Alt Layers airdrop & the Dencun testnet!

Check in with this week's research rundown for the latest alpha on how Persistence One revolutionalizes DeFi👇

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