NEWS FLASH: Crypto Pragmatist & M6 Labs Newsletter Merge!

Our journey down the crypto rabbit hole together starts here

Welcome, readers old and new, to this exciting new chapter in all our stories 

A New Beginning:

We're thrilled to have you as part of this journey and new direction, and we have some significant updates to share.

As we step into this new phase, we're proud to introduce this rebranded newsletter, Crypto Pragmatist by M6 Labs. It's not just a name change; it's a reflection of our commitment to delivering even more valuable insights and navigating the crypto landscape with unshakeable pragmatism.

As previously announced, Jack Niewold will be joining our team and together we’ll be working towards growing both Crypto Pragmatist as a newsletter and M6 Labs as a research firm.

For many of you, this’ll be your first time with us so we want to warmly welcome you and explain what to expect next.

What's Changing:

If you were an old reader of Crypto Pragmatist, you were used to a weekly email and now you’re going to see an increased delivery cadence. If you were an M6 Labs reader, you were used to a Mon-Fri schedule and will see a reduced one.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Monday: Market Overview, Outlook, News, Catalysts, Unlocks, Reads (Basically everything you need to know to start your week off right)

  • Wednesday: Opinion piece from Jack Niewold - Jack’s got a sharp mind and he’ll continue to share that insight weekly with his own personalized piece and voice

  • Friday: Weekly Narratives, On-chain Movements, Data Analysis, VC Raises, Case Studies, Recap/Highlights, Resources, Tools (Basically everything you need to end your week off right)

  • Saturday: Our in-house research delivered straight to your inbox. Every week we’re diving deep into ecosystems, projects and narratives to keep you up to date on crypto’s latest trends

This new schedule allows us to delve deeper into critical topics, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and actionable information with limited noise.

Get ready for your first edition of Crypto Pragmatist by M6 Labs—we’re hitting the ground running on Monday!

Stay Connected For Exclusive Content:

For those of you still looking for a daily dose of unique content, follow us on Twitter @cryptoprag and @M6Labs and join our Telegram channel [] for exclusive insight not found in the newsletter. We’ll be revamping the content there as well.

We're excited to have you on board for this new adventure. Together, we'll navigate the crypto world with curiosity, pragmatism, and a commitment to integrity.

Realistically, not everyone will make it, but together, it might just be crazy enough to work.

Forwards and upwards,

The M6 Labs Team

P.S. - Let’s start things off with a sentiment check to gauge how you’re all feeling:

Are you bullish or bearish for the rest of 2023?

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