On-Chain Analysis of PORK by Bubblemaps

In January 2024, Pauly launched PORK, his latest project.

Influencer Pauly is particularly controversial within the crypto ecosystem. In June 2023, he asked his followers to send him money, collecting nearly a million dollars without offering anything in return. This is just one of his many adventures…

In January 2024, Pauly launched PORK, his latest project. Inspired by the popular memecoin PEPE, it quickly caught attention thanks to strong community support, achieving $80 million in volume at launch.

However, an analysis with Bubblemaps highlights several wallet clusters associated with insiders, revealing they were the main beneficiaries of the launch. This information indicates that, despite the hype around PORK, a small group of participants had insider information about the project.

The first identified cluster is associated with poolvoid.eth, owned by Jimmy Edgar, a prominent figure in the NFT space. A group of wallets linked to poolvoid.eth invested $900k in PORK within the first 30 minutes of its launch, representing 5.5% of the total supply, for an unrealized profit of $8.8m.

Faced with these revelations, Pauly responded that they were not insiders but "a group of friends who bought early," an explanation that ironically fits the very definition of an insider.

Evidence clearly indicates that Pauly and his team are also insiders. Two distinct clusters showed identical transaction patterns, reinforcing the accusations:

  • Insider 2: This group acquired 31 trillion PORK for 3 ETH at launch and then distributed these tokens to 6 different wallets, with no further movements afterward.

  • Insider 3: Similarly, this cluster bought 31 trillion PORK for 3 ETH at launch and spread the tokens among 6 wallets. Some of these tokens were used to provide liquidity on Uniswap

Moreover, these two initial wallets received ETH from Binance for gas fees a few hours before the launch, exactly at the same time. These coordinated actions highlight Pauly's and his close circle's direct involvement in PORK's internal operations, revealing their advantageous position within the project.

Our cluster analysis via Bubblemaps reveals that more than 25% of PORK's supply is controlled by Pauly and his team. Faced with this information, Pauly denied owning any PORK tokens, claiming to hold no tokens from the project.

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