Pumpfun attacked; Pumpfun exploiter slams ‘horrible bosses.’ 

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes🚨: 17th May

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The crypto market is up 2.50% in the past 24 hours, pushing the total market cap to a cool $2.4T. Major players like Bitcoin and Ether are riding the wave, and there are some juicy catalysts behind this surge. 

All in all, it's looking like a good day to be in crypto.

BTC $66,342 (+0.13%), ETH $3,037(+1.54%), SOL $167.95 (+3.07%)

Crypto News 📰 

  • Pumpfun exploiter slams ‘horrible bosses.’ Demands $100k payouts for non-founders 

  • MEV bot baiting brothers charged by US prosecutors 

  • Morgan Stanley discloses $270 million spot Bitcoin ETF holdings 

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit blacklisted in France 

  • Sam Trabucco submits character reference letter for Ryan Salame 

  • The Senate is voting on overturning the Securities and Exchange Commission’s anti-crypto rule 

  • Vanguard appoints new CEO Salim Ramji who played a crucial role in launching BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF 

  • Bitcoin analysis mostly noise, A $70k breakout is what matters 

  • Spot Ethereum ETF sparks debate in community as ETH drops below $3000 once more 

  • Turkey proposes aligning crypto legislation with international standards 

  • French regulator warns investors over ByBit ban 

  • Hong Kong’s shaky crypto ETF debuts dent global hub aspirations 

  • Coinbase shares sink by 9% 

  • US Treasury plans to increase focus on combating illicit financial activity via crypto, emerging tech 

  • Tether and TON announce partnership with Oobit for USDT-to-fiat transactions via mobile app 

  • Hong Kong debuts China’s digital yuan, prohibits peer-to-peer transfers 

  • Bitcoin’s path to $150,000

  • Indian securities regulator proposes multi-agency approach to regulate crypto 

  • Wallet drainer service Pink Drainer to wind down operations 

  • Blockchain games secured $990 million in April alone, a new record 

  • Binance teams up with Taiwan regulators to curb $6.2m money laundering ring 

  • NOT tumbles 55% as airdrop farmers sell off post-exchange launch 

  • Nearly 75% of all stolen funds via crypto drainers funneled into DeFi 

  • Tornado Cash developer appeals verdict 

  • Big miners pose a growing existential threat to Bitcoin 

  • “We’re just scratching the surface of crypto and AI” – Microsoft exec 

  • Altcoins a relatively huge risk as days of big returns are over, say analysts 

  • DTCC, Chainlink complete fund data tokenization pilot with US banks 

Project Updates 🔥

  • Nillion Network joins the Interchain network

  • @RuneKek shares more information regarding NewStable and PureDai

  • Marginfi introduces Solana’s liquidity layer 

  • Blast L2 delays airdrop to June 26th 

  • 0xMantle proposal to introduce cMETH and a new governance token 

  • @shufflecom listed on @Backpack 

  • @aveoxyz issues update following completion of $RBN -> $AEVO

  • ICP reveals roadmap 

  • Backpack lists SHFL 

  • Linea announces the launch of the Linea Surge program 

  • CyberConnect rebrands to Cyber 

  • MakerDAO founder announces plans for fully decentralized “PureDai” launch 

  • PancakeSwap to reimburse interface fee for Uniswap users 

Threads 🧵

Launches 🚀

Fundraise 💰

  • Humanity Protocol raises $30 million in round led by Kingsway Capital 

  • Defi_raven raises $2.7 million in seed round led by @hack_vc 

  • @shogunfi (DeFi) raises $6.9 million in seed round led by @polychaincap 

  • @mygamichq raises $1.8 million 

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