Research Rundown: Top 5 No-Cost Crypto Airdrops

Join the top 5 free crypto airdrops - Grass, Tuna Chain, Lava, MonoSwap, and Shardeum

Welcome to your Wednesday research rundown!

Jump into the crypto gold rush with our top 5 no-cost airdrops:

Forget the usual entry costs—no capital, fees, or gas. Just pure opportunity.

These picks offer a prime chance to swell your portfolio for free. And keep your eyes peeled—we're dropping more free testnet airdrops soon.

Don't miss out on building your portfolio on the house!

1️⃣ Grass

Grass is an innovative network-sharing platform designed to revolutionize unused bandwidth utilization. By enabling users to sell their surplus bandwidth, Grass offers a more equitable solution to traditional network models, which often involve middlemen taking a significant cut from transactions. 

Follow these steps to participate in the Grass airdrop:

  • Sign up and boost your initial points tally. Register here.

  • Download and install the Grass extension from the Chrome web store.

  • Increase your points-earning potential by connecting additional devices. 

  • You'll accumulate Grass points as you browse the internet with these connected devices.

2️⃣ MonoSwap

MonoSwap is a yield-focused DEX and Launchpad within the Blast ecosystem, offering a customizable and efficient trading platform. It stands out for its unique infrastructure that enhances liquidity and composability, redefining the DeFi space by surpassing traditional DEX models for a more integrated ecosystem.

Airdrop steps:

  • Users can complete missions for Mono XP and be eligible to share 100% of the Developer airdrop. 

  • The more XP you have, the more shares you own.

  • XP can be claimed by completing daily missions, referring your friends, or providing truly dedicated support for other community members in Mono's Discord.

NOTE: You will need a code to join the Blast ecosystem. Feel free to use these codes:

3️⃣ Lava

Lava Network, with a $15 million seed investment, is creating a Web3 modular data access layer for scalable interaction across 35+ chains and rollups, leveraging Incentivized Public RPC. Its feature, Magma, enables users to earn Lava points on multiple chains by using their wallets normally, aiming to simplify development and user access in the multi-chain environment.

Follow these steps to farm free airdrop points.

  • Update the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URLs in your wallet settings to those provided by Lava for NEAR, Starknet, Axelar, Evmos, and Ethereum. This step is crucial for integrating your wallet with Lava Network's infrastructure, enabling it to utilize the Incentivized Public RPC.

  • Link your crypto wallet and follow their X and Discord.

  • Continue your regular wallet activities, such as checking balances, making transactions, and accessing decentralized applications. These activities will now contribute to earning Lava points.


If you read the Crypto Pragmatist - you're probably a fan of all things DeFi.

But unless you know what you're doing, keeping track of everything you need to do to boost your yield might be difficult.

Thanks to Persistence One, you now have a platform to help you multiply your yield on auto-pilot.

  • Restaking: Persistence is bringing restaking to Cosmos. Redeploy your liquidity and amplify rewards.

  • Liquid staking solutions: Effortlessly stack yield and multiply your rewards through pSTAKE.

  • High APR pools: Dexter, Persistence's DEX, offers high APR pools and the most optimal trading routes/swap rates

Persistence One has partnered with us to offer all Crypto Pragmatist readers easy access to their offerings. 

4️⃣ Tuna Chain

Tuna Chain is the first modular Layer 2 ecosystem on Bitcoin, integrating Ethereum's EVM for smart contracts and DApps with a unique ZK-OP hybrid approach for scalability and privacy. Here is what you need to do to get some free airdrop points.

  • Connect Wallet

  • Join @TunaChain on Discord.

  • Join @TunaChain on X.

For each step, you can earn 20 points. That’s 60 free airdrop points in total.

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5️⃣ Shardeum

Shardeum is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain that uses dynamic state sharding for linear scalability and low transaction fees. It offers high throughput and decentralization, allowing developers to deploy Solidity or Vyper contracts without sharding concerns. 

To participate in the Shardeum airdrop, you can contribute via various off-chain activities to get a drop for free. Here is what you need to do.

  • Directly contribute to the conceptualization, design, and development of the Shardeum logo or website.

  • Engage actively on Twitter to amplify Shardeum’s presence, aiming to be among the Top 25 influencers selected for Phase 1 airdrop.

  • Be active and helpful on the Shardeum Discord, striving to be among the Top 25 contributors selected for the Phase 1 airdrop.

  • Attend online Shardeum events with at least 4 POAP whitelists to be eligible.

  • Attend in-person Shardeum events with a random selection of 1000 participants whose POAPs are whitelisted.

  • Create informative Twitter threads (minimum of 5 tweets) about Shardeum. Aim to be among the Top 30 contributors.

  • Refer at least 50 members to Shardeum Discord. Aim to be among the Top 30 contributors.

  • Refer at least 25 members to Shardeum Telegram. Aim to be among the Top 30 contributors.

  • Write, translate, and publish blogs or videos about Shardeum on third-party platforms. Aim for a minimum of 10 submissions to be among the Top 50 rewarded contributors.

  • Translate official Shardeum documents (litepaper, pitch deck, etc.) into more than 10 languages with at least 3 translated submissions to be among the Top 10 rewarded contributors.

  • Organize over 2 Shardeum meetups or events with zero incentives to educate and create awareness.

  • Run a community league actively spreading awareness about Shardeum for more than 12 months with 500+ followers on Twitter or 100+ members on Telegram, sharing Shardeum-related content.

More Airdrops – Join Them Before It’s Too Late 🪂

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The future of crypto and blockchain technology is marked by significant growth. The industry is poised to attract a broader audience with the bull market around the horizon. As such, the best thing you can do is gain as much knowledge as possible about crypto.

Stay tuned for next week's Research Roundup.

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