Sony buys Amber to enter the crypto market, and Kraken's founder donates $1M to Trump!

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Sony gets ready to launch a crypto exchange in Japan with the acquired Amber platform. Roaring Kitty faces securities fraud claims in a ‘doomed’ GME lawsuit. SEC sues Consensys over MetaMask swaps and staking services. Kraken founder Jesse Powell donates $1M to Donald Trump.

BTC $63,372 (+4.43%), ETH $3,485 (+3.68%), SOL $147.94 (+7.58%)

Crypto News 📰

  • German government moves additional $94M worth of bitcoin to exchanges

  • Ethereum gas fees plummet to historic lows: Can the network broaden its appeal?

  • Chinese fintech giant Ant Group expands blockchain units’ registered capital

  • Ripple’s big court win nonetheless muddied the waters on whether XRP is a security deserving tougher regulation

  • Vitalik Buterin says crypto regulations have created ‘anarcho-tyranny’

  • Polymarket monthly volume hits $100M as presidential race heats up

  • Judge upholds 'bulk' of SEC case against Binance but nixes secondary sales charge, among others

  • IRS finalizes controversial tax reporting rule for brokers, punts decision on DeFi

  • Bitcoin ATM installations reach 38K, below the all-time high

  • Banque de France joins forces with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to advance CBDC and tokenization

  • ‘Hamster Kombat’ clicker game faces criticism for social pressure tactics

  • Spot Ethereum ETF launch delayed by SEC comments

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