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  • Sui Overtakes Solana in Daily Transactions; Block Targets $1.5B Raise, LayerZero Warns Employees on Insider Airdrop Farming Consequences

Sui Overtakes Solana in Daily Transactions; Block Targets $1.5B Raise, LayerZero Warns Employees on Insider Airdrop Farming Consequences

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes🚨: 7th May

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BTC $63,603 (0.0%), ETH $3,075(-1.1%), SOL $155 (+2.3%)

Sui blockchain now leads in daily transaction volume, surpassing Solana and marking a significant shift in the crypto landscape.

Jack Dorsey’s Block plans to secure $1.5 billion via a senior notes offering to strengthen its financial position and fuel growth.

LayerZero threatens to fire any employees if they participate in insider airdrop farming activities.

Crypto News 📰

  • Sui surpasses Solana with record 24-hour transactions

  • Jack Dorsey’s Block to raise $1.5 billion in senior notes offering 

  • LayerZero will fire employees that participate in it’s airdrops 

  • BlackRock’s BUIDL applies for Arbitrum STEP application

  • MetaMask launches “Smart Transactions” to tackle ETH front-running

  • Binance CEO Richard Teng decries “deeply distressing ordeal” for jailed executive in Nigeria 

  • Revolut’s crypto exchange now live for experienced users 

  • Binance claims Nigerian officials have proposed a secret crypto settlement  

  • SEC can’t stop suing crypto companies 

  • Australia seeks client data from crypto exchanges in latest tax crackdown 

  • Kronos Research hacker shifts funds to Tornado Cash 

  • Ore wins Solana hackathon despite disrupting the Solana network in April 

  • SEC pushes Invesco Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF to July 

  • Experts believe Ethereum Layer2 EigenLayer is the last of ‘life-changing airdrops

  • Saga CEO discusses scalability challenges, potential solutions 

  • New stablecoin laws proposed in the US

  • German state bank to tokenize bonds on the blockchain 

  • Grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF sees second consecutive day of inflows 

  • Franklin Templeton believes Solana will become the third-largest cryptocurrency 

  • ETH liquidations surpass Bitcoin’s as price slips below $3200 

  • SEC’s hostile regulatory environment benefiting Coinbase: Bitwise CIO

  • Sandbox co-founder foresees AAA game studios embracing Web3 

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs register $217 million Net inflows on Monday 

  • Ethereum client Geth releases advanced live Tracer Tool 

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Fundraise 🤑

  • KioskSocial raises $10 million in funding round led by Electric Capital 

  • Paragraph raises $5 million from USV and Coinbase Ventures 

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