Symbiote and Nakamoto Hub spearhead Bitcoin’s Institutional Adoption

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Today we’d like to introduce you to our partner org building the endgame for Bitcoin’s institutional adoption in collaboration with Symbiote, and a few of the things they’ve been working on.

Symbiote Accelerator continuously aims to elevate Web 3 startups through a dynamic 12-week journey all productized by the Symbiote platform. With 50+ mentors, 450+ partners, 150+ investors & a global community of 110k+ the mission of innovation and growth becomes one step closer.

Over the past few months, a relationship has been brewing with Nakamoto Hub, the Consensys for Bitcoin’s institutional adoption. 

Nakamoto Hub’s mission is as follows:

  1. Building the missing scalability metalayer for Bitcoin, fueled by launching the critical BTCFi primitives and infra required for the Bitcoin ecosystem to be competitive to onboard the next $100+ Billion in Institutional Capital.

  2. Creating the focused Bitcoin-specific ecosystem to meet institutional adoption needs that is currently missing in the space, by seeding Institutional-grade Infra startups; bringing together the key Builders, Bitcoin L2s and Funds.

Several portfolio companies from Symbiote have been merging with the minds at the Nakamoto Hub solidifying an environment of innovation and excellence.

This super team has compiled an excellent in-depth institutional deep dive into the emerging Bitcoin ecosystem and what is currently being built. Make sure to check it out below:

Looking through the entire Bitcoin ecosystem lens, there are currently several projects building products, dApps, primitives and infrastructure to onboard degen + institutional liquidity into the nascent Bitcoin ecosystem:

The key focus area of Nakamoto Hub is to make Bitcoin competitive within the Web3 landscape for institutional adoption use cases. With the Ethereum ETF approval, the Bitcoin ecosystem needs a focused driving force that unlocks true L1 & L2 scalability + institutional infra rails. 

Symbiote and Nakamoto Hub are bringing in Tier-1 startups to co-build the future for Bitcoin's institutional use cases:

What’s Next:

  • Make sure to follow the Nakamoto Hub X account to keep up-to-date on the Bitcoin ecosystem’s research. Nakamoto Hub will be kicking off their “Building Bitcoin's Endgame” Twitter Spaces with leading Founders and VCs from the Bitcoin ecosystem, from this Friday onwards.

  • If you are a visionary Founder/Builder who wants to create the next unicorn to onboard the next $100+ Billion in Institutional Capital from Bitcoin treasuries, do connect with Symbiote and Nakamoto Hub to get your journey started.

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