The US Government Continues to Wage War on Crypto: Consensys Strikes back

M6 Labs Alpha Bytes🚨: 26th April

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In today’s Alpha Bytes,

Regulatory war continues! Metamask developer, Consensys, sues the SEC to fight back against government overreach and what it calls a “campaign to seize control over the future of cryptocurrency.” Meanwhile, the FBI is warning Americans against using unregistered crypto money transmitting services which require KYC.

One thing is clear, governments across the world do not want their citizens to be able to anything financially without them knowing every detail. It is up to us to fight back for our right to privacy.

Do you believe in our financial right to privacy?

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Crypto News 📰

  • SEC sues Bitcoin miner Geosyn, accuses founders of $5.6 million fraud 

  • Stripe brings back crypto payments via USDC stablecoin 

  • CryptoQuant CEO defends Samourai Wallet founders Anon, we understand you want crypto to be your path to financial freedom.

  • Pantera Capital seeks $1 billion for new crypto fund 

  • Kenya establishes working group to draft rules to govern crypto entities

  • UK law enforcement agencies can seize crypto more easily as new rules come into force 

  • Buy signal? Crypto whale transfers $1.3 billion to Coinbase 

  • Chinese ‘Crypto Dad’ faces government investigation 

  • Arthur Hayes reveals major bull signal from US Treasury Dept 

  • Sam Altman’s Worldcoin eyeing partnership with PayPal and OpenAI

  • Bitcoin halving unlikely to affect price over the next 18 months 

  • Kara Swisher downplays crypto: Not the center of everything 

  • Persistent inflation will drive Bitcoin’s run to 200K: Crypto fund manager 

  • EU parliament adopts anti-money laundering rules package, will also police crypto

  • ARK sells last of its ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF shares 

  • Runes offering a significant lifeline for Bitcoin miners 

  • ‘Epic Sat’ mined from fourth Bitcoin halving block sells for $2.1 million 

  • Biden’s 44.6% capital gains proposal likely a ‘Nothing Burger.’

  • Crypto mixing not a crime

  • Trader earns $23 million flipping Solana meme coins 

  • Bitcoin bull market may return in $1.4 trillion US liquidity spike 

  • BONK, POPCAT, and Solana meme coins stay green as Bitcoin price drops 

  • Will Dogecoin skyrocket post Bitcoin halving?

  • Bitcoin funding rate flattens 

  • AI takes centre stage as Microsoft, Google earnings signal booming market 

  • US Senators target crypto use in child abuse trade 

  • $510 million longs at risk if ETH repeats last week’s volatility 

  • Solana mobile Chapter 2 airdrops briefly exceed cost of pre-order 

  • Solana witnessing dramatic increase in institutional portfolios 

  • Worldcoin is boosting token supply amid regulatory pressure 

  • Ex-head of China’s CBDC reportedly under investigation 

  • Scammers leverage malicious ETH RPC nodes to target imToken wallet 

  • Marathon to double Bitcoin mining capacity by 2024 

  • Brazil’s Nubank allows customers to send and receive BTC 

  • BlackRock denies choosing Hedera to tokenize their shares 

  • GoogleCloud announces Web3 portal 

Project Updates 🔥👷🏼‍♂️

  • Renzo Protocol updates airdrop info and tokenomics 

  • TreasureDAO launches Treasure Chain Ruby Testnet 

  • NillionNetwork explains privacy enhancing technologies 

  • BNB Chain will enable liquid staking on BSC

  • Binance announces first Megadrop project 

  • Galxe introduces staking

  • HyperLiquidX launching HIP1 and HIP2 soon 

  • Introducing DucatStable, a Bitcoin Layer-1 native stablecoin on Runes 

  • EOS Network FDN proposal to burn 80% of future supply 

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  • AI-powered DeFi platform secures $10 million investment with upcoming DAO 

Anon, we understand you want crypto to be your path to financial freedom.

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