The Crypto Pragmatist Portfolio

We started this newsletter with the mission of educating investors about current crypto/DeFi protocols, narratives, and trends. As our readership has grown to levels we truly could not have anticipated, we are constantly asking ourselves the question: how can we maximize our platform positively for our subscribers and the crypto industry at large?

Given that, we’re taking the next year to construct a venture portfolio in public, specifically by taking token allocations in exchange for 3rd party, unbiased deep-dives on specific projects. Not only do we think that our community would find it beneficial to learn about these projects, but in this way can contribute to a positive-sum space that benefits founders and readers alike.

While Crypto Pragmatist will be receiving token allocations in exchange for our work, we are clearly incentivized to pick only the highest quality projects for our reputation, our readership, and our portfolio success over time. Keep in mind:

  • These reports will be a completely objective and honest educational overview of the protocol
  • We have a long term incentive alignment due to lock ups/vesting periods
  • We will clearly disclose all sponsored content
  • We will have a publicly available billboard tracking all of our investments

If you have any feedback, reach out to us via email or on Twitter. If you’d like to be considered, reach out as well. Below, we have outlined our comprehensive project allocation as of March 7th, 2023

ProjectLinkPortfolio Percentage (3/7/2023)Report Date
Integral Size
SKALE Network
Vela Exchange
Satin Exchange
Factor DAO