The Rising Tide of DePIN – A Blockchain Revolution

Find out the top 5 DePIN projects that are killing it out there.

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  • DePIN is on the rise and can be a proper game-changer down the line.

  • Crypto Pragmatist podcast with Same from Redacted Capital.

  • is a helpful tool that will keep you updated with the hottest upcoming airdrops.

1️⃣ Crypto Pragmatist Podcast

In today’s spotlight episode of the Crypto Pragmatist podcast, we had an insightful conversation with Sami from Redacted Cartel, a notable figure in the new generation of DeFi builders. Sami shared his journey into the DeFi space, emphasizing the challenges and strategies of building during a bear market. 

He also delved into his approach as an entrepreneur, focusing on making thesis-driven investments, and discussed his long-term vision for the future of cryptocurrency. This discussion offered a unique perspective into the evolving world of DeFi from someone who is actively shaping its future.

2️⃣ M6 Labs Research

Spotlight: Top 5 DePIN Projects

One narrative that’s fast gaining traction as a potent use case for blockchain is that of DePIN. Beyond the confines of digital domains, DePIN emerges as a game-changer, integrating blockchain technology with tangible, real-world applications.

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The market is currently in a consolidation phase following a relatively subdued reaction to the ETF confirmation. You can get more details in our Bitcoin Weekly research report.

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3️⃣ Partner Research - Bubblemaps

Around 2021, a new trend emerged: many meme coins started to send a portion of their tokens to the wallet of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. This kind of maneuver attracted the attention of investors and speculators, serving as a powerful tool for viral marketing. However, for DogeElon Mars, this strategy backfired...

4️⃣ Good Reads

@0xmMakesy applies the SEC Howey analysis to different things.

5️⃣ Good Tools o is a free aggregator for crypto airdrops. It is a handy tool that will keep you updated with the hottest upcoming airdrops.

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The future of crypto and blockchain technology is marked by significant growth. The industry is poised to attract a broader audience with the bull market around the horizon. As such, the best thing you can do is gain as much knowledge as possible about crypto.

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